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Inquiry and Quotation

How to Inquiry?

1.Blowse our website on Alibaba,Globalsource,or from Google,Yahoo,Bing and get details of Sontec Products Co.,Ltd. or input words Grille lights of Sontec,Ceiling troffer,UL approved luminaires etc.When customers through the network, the way for our products have intention to make an inquiry requirements.       

2.Customer can inquiry by mobile,telphone,fax,skype,QQ,email and so on,kinds of method for doing inquiry.Also can email your detailed requirements to max@sontec.cn and info@sontec.cn or marketing@sontec.cn directly,our company will reply you within 3 hours.

3.Email offer please indicate related product requirements, the information including product name/specification/product use and products such as the dosage, and can attach relevant pictures of products or drawings (drawings format for CAD/PRO-E / 3 DMAX/CDR, etc.).             

4.Online inquiry communication from our professional network of sales staff to finish, we provide (MSN/SKYPE/QQ/ALIBABA integrity links/tradelink), the relevant contact with our online posted on the web site and the contact card authorization shall prevail.           

1.When we confirm the customer quotation relevant content, normal situation in 8 hours to provide quotation.           
2.We all offer all pass our professional nuclear price departments and personnel to complete, and offer all the relevant information we will confidential, customer relating to offer any information about a mythical please directly responsible for this and when single business contact or call our manager.            
3.Offer by fax and E-mail will convey to the customers and confirm with the customer of the quoted price of the relevant details.            
4.Without our formal endorse all customers and sign back to the offer was try to offer intention, when the quote was confirmed by both parties offer to take effect, offer is valid for and the changes have to offer an agreement between executive, leading to the change of raw material price quotation includes the change of the quantity, etc.!


We are confident to supply you high-quality luminaires like grille lights,ceiling troffers,linear high bay lights,tube holders,IP65 water-proof lights,batten fittings etc.UL approved fluorescent fixtures make sure and help you get more order in your market,Sontec Products Co.,Ltd. will be your reliable supplier.Pls contact us when you have any inquiry or purchasing plan.Thank you very much.