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DLC Approval----Sontec lighting factory

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DLC is the authoritative approval in the US market. In order to expand the the marketing in US, our

sontec lighting need this Approval.Through the effort of our development group, our sontec lighting

factory have owned the DLC approval.This is the exciting news for our sontec lighting factory. Dear

clients you can check in the Web: https://www.designlights.org/search/, you only need to search Sontec 

that you can get the detail of our lighting products Which have the DLC approval.

And our sontec lighting factory provides the best design and service of the lighting products. Please

trust our sontec lighting factory, we will provide the good quality and nice service to our clients. The

idea of our sontec lighting factory is produce the best lighting fixture and light up our world. And our

sontec lighting factory always insists in producing the energy saving and low consumption lighting

product. And our sontec lighting factory is the experienced lighting  manufacturer  and our lighting

products are hot sale in the marketing. And our lighting products not only having the DLC approval

but also the UL ETL SAA CE RoHS certification. All of our products are good in quality and in the

best price.

For more information, please visit http://www.sontec.cn or email to info@sontec.cn

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